Tuition & Attire

What a SVYC membership includes…
  • Professional Instruction: Age appropriate vocal technique, music reading skills, ensemble singing, expressive and technical guidance with the elements of music.
  • The opportunity to perform in venues that are flattering to young voices.
  • Choral music that may be kept by the members.
  • The opportunity to work with professional musicians.
  • The experience of making music with talented singers from all around the Susquehanna Valley.

Currently, SVYC offers two sessions a season, Fall Session in Lewisburg and Winter Session in Selinsgrove. Singers may sing one session or two per season.

1. Tuition per session is $90.00.

  • Upon acceptance, please send the Tuition Form distributed at the audition and a check made out to “SVC” to: Coleen Renshaw, 110 S. Shuman St., Middleburg, PA 17842
  • Please mark the check with a memo stating your child’s name and SVYC and return no later than the first rehearsal.
  • The season attire rental fee of $10.00 covers the rental of required uniform attire. Families have the choice of buying and owning their own approved attire (girl’s full length dress – $85; boy’s selected pants, shirt and tie – $60) or renting attire from the Susquehanna Valley Youth Chorale. All singers will be measured at auditions.

2. This amount can be paid in two installments if necessary and if indicated by you on the Tuition Form. The first installment will be due at the first rehearsal. Total payment must be received no later than one month before the concert to ensure that the singer may perform.

3. TWO SESSION DISCOUNT – If a singer participates in both fall and winter sessions, tuition for the winter season (Jan.-Mar.) is discounted to $80.00.

4. SIBLING DISCOUNTS – We offer a $5 off per sibling discount for those who have multiple children in our program.

5. **For every new singer accepted and joining the SVYC who is recruited by a current singer, the recruiting family will earn a $5 credit towards their own tuition.


1. Limited scholarship help may be available. Forms for scholarship aid will be available at the audition.

2. Every family requesting help is required to provide at least $25 per singer towards the tuition fee per season which must be paid by the 3rd rehearsal to ensure the singer may perform.

3. Each parent requesting help will be contacted by phone to discuss the amount of tuition they can provide. Parents are expected to fulfill agreed upon tuition.