Project Purpose

Honoring the human spirit with the gift of song.

PROJECT PURPOSE refers to events planned in addition to our Youth Chorale sessions that give our singers an opportunity to share the gift of voice in the spirit of humanity and kindness, and provide our singers an experience for their own character growth.

Funding is achieved through donations or grants specifically earmarked for PROJECT PURPOSE events. Look for the SVYC display at all SVYC and SVC concerts for information and the opportunity to contribute. You can also use the secure paypal link for the Youth Chorale on our Donate page.

2014-2015 Project Purpose
Bringing Joy to our Local Seniors

Bringing children’s voices and smiles to our local senior facilities each semester, the SVYC will share the gift of song with retirement or nursing communities. This fall singers are entertaining in the Lewisburg area and in the spring, the Selinsgrove area.

By sharing our concert or holiday music with the older adults of our communties, we hope to not only benefit them, but also to create an opportunity for our young people to grow by engagement with seniors through music and conversation. Beyond singing, a hug or even holding someone’s hand can deliver joy both ways.

2013-14 Project Purpose:
Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Video

In commemoration of the one-year December 14th anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragedy in which 20 children and 6 staff members lost their lives, SVYC singers and director Valerie Flamini Caldwell pay tribute to their memory by recording a musical video.

The chorale performs “Where All is Possible, I AM,” a composition by Caldwell dedicated to the loss.

Recorded at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, Selinsgrove, PA, with a live audience, the choral work serves as a meditation with simple lyrics, repetition, changes in dynamics that inspire strength, then a soothing calm.

One singer wrote:

“To think a bunch of youth can come together with a little adult guidance and create what I hope will be a lasting memory in the hearts of the families who lost someone dear to them. May our voices be our gift to your family and please know you are not alone. You will be in our hearts and prayers always.”


Posted on YouTube, memorial websites, and through collaboration with the Newtown, CT Council of the Arts, the video will be made available to grieving families and the community.

2012-13 Project Purpose:
Veterans Day Youth Benefit Concert

At the invitation of the SVYC, high school choruses from Lewisburg, Selinsgrove, Mifflinburg, and Milton, PA, joined the Youth Chorale on stage Nov. 6, 2011, to pay tribute to veterans and focus their singing on a higher purpose.

Director Caldwell spearheaded the idea and effort which brought together over 275 singers from grade three through grade twelve, and drew attention to the challenges of their peers growing up in military families.

svyc_cdsThe Veterans Day Youth Benefit Concert drew a large audience and generous financial support from the community. The SVYC effort raised $2500 which was donated to Our Military Kids, Inc., McLean, VA. Learn out about Our Military Kids on YouTube.

CDs ($15) and DVDs ($25)Download order form.